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Rob's Liquorice

To enjoy as a piece of liquorice or to make a ‘dropshot’. Since decades Rob’s drop® is popular with individuals and companies who love true Salmiak. Rob’s drop® is, just like Chocrant®, its an own brand from Sweetlife B.V. and guarantees excellent quality and a delicious taste.

How Rob’s drop® got its name

Rob’s drop® was introduced in 1992 by the founder of Sweetlife, Piet van Barneveld. For the then existing skipper-related shapes, he was looking for a suitable name. Piet choose the drop name of Captain Rob, the hero of a comic strip ‘The Adventures of Captain Rob’ that appeared in the Parool magazines between 1945 and 1966.

Recipe for dropshot

With Rob’s Salmiak Filled liquorice you can make a wonderful pure dropshot. The recipe is simple:

Take a liter bottle of vodka and remove 200 ml from the bottle. (Fill a new bottle with this for even more dropshot;) Empty one bag of Rob’s Salmiak Filled liquorice in the bottle, put the cap on the bottle and let the liquorice dissolve in the vodka in 24 hours. More liquorice can be added for a stronger liquorice flavour. Cheers!

Nutritional values Rob’s drop® / Label information Rob’s drop®

Rob’s drop® is gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Check the nutritional values here.