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Sweets for Brands

Surprise customers or guests with a chocolate delicacy in a specific corporate identity? The possibilities are endless! Sweetlife likes to think along with you about the shape, taste and packaging of these personalized bags of milk chocolate dragees. Contact us to explore the options.

The best quality

Most of our chocolate dragees contain natural colourants, 60% chocolate and are RFA certified. Our products can be used in the production of ice cream, yogurt, in the bakery and food service sector. All Sweetlife’s B2B chocolate dragees are produced in a in a nut-free environment.

Meet your wishes

Sweetlife listens to its customers and delivers customized products and services. For example, it is possible to make an individual print on the dragee or to produce innovative dragees with an effervescent effect.

Would you like to hear more about the possibilities? Contact us