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Sweetlife Chocrant

The best milk chocolate and peanuts in a sugar layer – that is our pride! Sweetlife launched Chocrant® in 2016 and this own brand is now being sold in Dubai, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands and the Palestinian territories.

Quality product

Chocrant® is made from the highest quality pure ingredients and in factories that meet the highest standards. Sweetlife’s producing partners only use quality ingredients, work in accordance with the most recent quality standards, in accordance with Codex Alimentarius norms and standards and are certified under GFSI recognized standards such as IFS and / or BRC. Sweetlife B.V. is IFS Broker certified.

Especially for retail

Chocrant® is a retail product that is supplied in 50 and 250 gram packages for the retail trade, including a display for 24 packages. In this way, Chocrant® certainly attracts the attention of the consumers.

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