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Our history

1990 | Piet van Barneveld establishes Sweetlife B.V.

With experience in the food industry and his creative entrepreneurial spirit, Piet van Barneveld (46) starts trading liquorice in an office building in Soesterberg.

1992 | Rob’s drop® is launched
Sweetlife launches its first own liquorice line; Rob’s drop®, consisting of various types of liquorice flavours. The authentic recipe is still popular; today, thousands of bags of Rob’s salmiak-filled liquorice are sold every year through Sweetlifes website, supermarkets and by café-restaurants that make ‘dropshots’ with Rob’s drop®.

1994 | Sweetlife across the border
Belgium is the first country for which Sweetlife crosses the border. After this, many customers follow in countries within, but also outside of Europe. Sweetlife is no longer a nationally operating company, but exports its products worldwide.

1995 | Chocolate dragees
In addition to products such as liquorice, mocca beans, foam and chewing gum, a new market is being explored. Together with a European partner, Sweetlife develops and produces various varieties of chocolate dragees. It doesn’t take long before this becomes the largest product category of Sweetlife.

2000 | Second generation on board
In October 2000, son Robert van Barneveld joined the company. As an account manager, he ensures that the number of Dutch customers continues to grow. His commercial insight appears to be a valuable addition to the creative basis present.

2009 | Robert van Barneveld takes over Sweetlife
After the death of his father, son Robert van Barneveld takes over the company. Under his leadership, the company grows into an international trading company, with the business-to-business branch constantly growing.

2011 | Sweetlife is moving to Doorn
Sweetlife B.V. establishes itself in a characteristic building in the center of Doorn. Customers and suppliers are warmly welcomed here by Robert and his core team.

2014 | Trade with Australia
From 2014, Sweetlife confectionery will be traded to the other side of the world. A major confectionery manufacturer from Australia is ensuring further globalization of the Dutch family business.

2016 | Chocrant® is launched

At the International Süsswaren Messe (ISM) in Cologne, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks, Sweetlife is launching the new Chocrant® product line. Together with Rob’s drop®, Chocrant® forms the group own brands of Sweetlife B.V..

2017 | Introduction of Chocrant® in the Palestinian territories

2018 | Introduction of Chocrant® in Dubai and Finland

2019 | Introduction of Chocrant® in Malta