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Quality and certificates

IFS broker certified

To properly guarantee quality and safety, Sweetlife B.V. since January 2015 is IFS Broker certified. The quality system is audited several times a year by an external party in order to stay focussed and up to date and to be able to continue to guarantee a safe and high quality product. Since January 2016, Sweetlife B.V. is IFS Broker certified with a 100% score.

Only preferred suppliers

Selecting preferred suppliers is done at Sweetlife B.V. throughout the team. With a view to marketing, purchasing and quality assurance, a supplier is assessed before any cooperation takes place. A precondition for inclusion in the selection process is a valid quality certificate. In addition to a theoretical selection, Sweetlife B.V. conducts regular audits to assess how the production and storage of the goods are executed in practice. Not only at the start of the cooperation, but also afterwards, suppliers are closely monitored and evaluated.

For all your product questions

Sweetlife has knowledge about registration of RFA products, export documentation and various product information systems. There are close contacts between quality and partners, Sweetlife knows that optimum service and quality can be realized for you as a customer.

Questions about the quality of Sweetlife’s products? Contact Gerrieke de Koning.