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Our team

The Sweetlife team consists of four driven professionals who ensure that all processes at home and abroad run optimally every day. Because of their unbridled commitment, quality, reliability and service are guaranteed at Sweetlife.

Robert van Barneveld | Director and owner | Robert@sweetlife.nl

“I like to make the impossible possible”

Robert is a true connector. He attaches great importance to a good relationship and always strives for long-term, sustainable partnerships. With his experience in the industry and warm contacts, he opens doors that remain closed to others. He has already realized many brands and private labels.

Gerrieke de Koning | Quality & Development Manager | Gerrieke@sweetlife.nl

“You will never achieve 100% satisfaction without good quality”

Gerrieke joined Sweetlife in 2014 as quality manager. Due to the strong connection between quality and (business) development, Gerrieke is also responsible for the development department as Quality and Development Manager since 2020.  Due to her expertise, Sweetlife has achieved the maximum score of 100% annually for the IFS Broker Higher Level certification since 2016. It is a pleasure for her to work with you together on your development or quality topics.

Karin Breukink | Quality and Administration | karin@sweetlife.nl

Karin has been working at Sweetlife since 2020 in the field of quality and administration. She is responsible for good and careful document administration. Accuracy and care are key in the performance of her work.

Johan Hoven | Logistics manager | Johan@sweetlife.nl

“On time for a good price”

Since 2004, logistics manager Johan Hoven has ensured that Sweetlife’s deliveries are executed promptly and accurately. By working closely with logistics partners, Sweetlife lives up to its name as a reliable supplier every day. Thanks to Johan you can rely on fast, punctual and complete deliveries at favourable rates.

Darek Nadzieja | International sales director | Darek@sweetlife.nl

“An idea is only a good idea if you can taste it”

The growing export demanded more expertise. Sweetlife found this in 2017 in the person of Darek Nadzieja. He is responsible for the implementation and development of new product categories and the definition and development of new markets in Western Europe and Asia.